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What A Beautiful Name

Please welcome Mama Hartley's tender words again today.  Sometimes my heart gets so full I just have to share!  Remember the ...


Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Welcome my mama once more...  I was twelve years when I first remember hearing the old hymn, I Need Thee Every Hour.  So many ...


The Day I Served Raw Chicken to a Chef

If I had to point to my favorite things in my home, almost all of them would be in the kitchen. Nothing makes my heart go pitter ...


Scooped Up: The Day God Found Me

Welcome once more my precious mama. I have always said that hers is a testimony that needs to be heard. Her gratitude for God's grace was born out of brokeness, of hurt, and of confusion - born out of healing and an encounter with the Lord. I pray that her story sparks your own gratitude for grace ...


Outpour: A Story of Flowing Worship

Please welcome once more my sweet mama to the blog today. I have heard her teach this story many a time. The most beautiful part? She means every word. Never have I been so struck by a heart for worship quite like I have been by hers. She exudes God's grace and lives to give the Lord her all. I'll ...

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Is the Church Still Relevant?

Having just moved to a new area, I have been startled by the fact that my community of the past is now suddenly estranged. Two hours of highway separate me from the familiar and the search is now on to rebuild a sense of home and belonging. May I share an observation with you? Finding a new ...


Pass the Salt, Please: A Christ-like Response to a Wrong Decision

Historical. Pivotal. Surprising. Expected. Exciting. Angering. Celebration. Lament. Many colorful adjectives seem appropriate to describe the rainbow of reactions that have christened the Supreme Court’s ruling this week. No matter what pigment of this emotional spectrum one may find him or ...